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Teenage Ethan has little faith in God. Tormented by guilt when his father is kidnapped by one of Lady Argent’s malevolent dragons, he is simply unable to simply sit still and wait for the king and his men to come to the rescue.
So Ethan, faced with frightening odds, sets out on a long and perilous journey through the Cumbrian Mountains to seek the help of the dragon king, Alexander, the great and benevolent dragon who is known to be a loyal defender of men.
Once Guardian of the English kingdom and favored by the Maker, Alexander has lost his faith and is nowhere to be found.
Armed with nothing more than an old sword, raw courage, and a determination to rescue his father, Ethan sets out to find the dragon king. Two homeless teens join him, but they are even less equipped for battle.
Can Ethan find the reclusive Alexander? Will the dragon king help him save his father? If not, can he do it by himself? Is there anyone who will help him? Will he and his father survive? In his search, Ethan encounters dangers and dragons, friends, and foes, and perhaps the love of his life.
Warriors of Dragon Valley is a great read for the young and the young at heart who have dreams to follow and adventures to pursue along the way.
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