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Warriors of Dragon Valley by F.C. Wolf (Paperback)

This story takes place in England
centuries ago, before the great serpents died off.
A time when kings ruled the earth
and dragons ruled the skies …

Dark forces are destroying medieval England.

Those God chose to protect the kingdom must unite under Him to crush the evil Lady Argent and her vast army of men and dragons.

Teenage Ethan has little faith in God. But Lady Argent’s dragons capture his father, spurring the farm boy into action. Faced with frightening odds, Ethan must seek help from the dragon king, Alexander–once Guardian of the English kingdom and favored by the Maker. But Alexander lost his faith and the will for war. Armed with nothing more than an old sword, raw courage, and a determination to rescue his father, Ethan sets out to find the dragon king. Two homeless teens join him, but they are even less equipped for battle. The trio finds Alexander, but even though his kingdom will also be destroyed if the evil force isn’t stopped, he refuses to help.

Whether alone or united, the warriors of righteousness must face the dark hordes in what seems an impossible battle to win.

A story with universal appeal for readers of all ages.


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